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Air has been putting their stamp of approval on great remixes since John Travolta was driving the cadillac of minivans. Some might even consider their 10,000Hz Legend remix album Everybody Hertz superior to the original. "Ok," you say, "but some people eat Cracklin' Oat Bran. I don't trust people!", you say. Well, who are you going to believe, me, or your lying ears? In honor of the gorgeous limited edition 20th Anniversary reissue of their 1996 12" Casanova 70 on drool-worthy splatter vinyl, we're going to take a cook's tour of some of Air's (or as they were officially called in the '90s, "Air French Band") best remixes. We'll start with one of the sweet jammies available on the aforementioned 12". While the two remixes that appear on both the original and reissued Casanova 70 12"s remain uncredited, in the past 20 years the proper authorities have been able to suss out Brendan Lynch as the man responsible. Who is Brendan Lynch? Honestly, who cares. But check out his great remix, "Casanova 70 (The Secret of Cool)", which is secretly way cooler than a name like that would lead you to believe:

Fun fact: you might think that Casanova 70's title could be chalked up to the numerical craze that hounded the '90s like McGruff, but in reality the title was stolen from a 1965 Italian comedy about a star-crossed loser/NATO officer who was only effective at seducing the ladies when his very life was in danger. Talk about a deal breaker. The More You Know! I think the poster could have sold it better:

Moving on, let's jump to the Moog Cookbook's "Kelly Watch the Stars" remix. Extremely silly but plenty of fun, like a trip to the right dentist:

Legendary Dub Master Adrian Sherwood is responsible for this remix of "How Does It Make You Feel?" that I enjoy just a little more than the original:

The DFA's Jaun Mclean starts slow and adds a sports documentary feel to his remix of "Surfing on a Rocket"... lick your chops Bob Costas:

The Teenagers had a couple of jams, but their most famous song might actually be this remix of "Mer du Japon":

Maybe not a remix exactly, but this criminally unknown track, "Ash Sync", was a collaboration with Alex Gopher and Etienne de Crecy and available only through the purchase of the book This is the End: Cover Art by H5:

Air can do remixes too, you know... here's a gonzo Beatlesque remix they did of David Bowie's "A Better Future" that easily bests the original and reminds me of the best of 10,000Hz Legend. It breaks my heart these three never got around to a full collaboration:

We'll close with the Breakbot remix of "So Light is Her Footfall", which gets down to business right away, exchanging the psychedelic vibe of the original for a sound reminiscent of another well known French Duo:

Thanks for listening! Don't forget to pick up the new Air 2xLP best of TwentyYears, out 6/10/16. And in the meantime, be sure to czech out the EXCELLENT Contrepoint, the new Bach-inspired solo LP by Nicolas Godin of Air:

Watch "Orca" on Youtube.

Watch "Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde" on Youtube.

Watch "Elfe Man" on Youtube.

Watch "Bach Off (Orly Ouest Airport)" on Youtube.

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